Acrostic from Nathan

Night time I have a book

Animal son the Wall

There is a tiger on the Wall

Hanging on the walls is a desk

And on the desk, there are Lego’s

Next to the Lego’s are clothes


Acrostic from Pablo DLM.

Pablo  has a white bedroom.

A big bookcase where I have  book,

Bunk bed for two people there

Lamp on my desk you will find.

On my wall you can see pictures of animals.

Pablo DLM.






Acrostic from Lucía M.

Lots of lamps in my bedroom,

Unicorns as well,

Cards to play with

Inside my big box.

And also a little jar with shells.

Lucía M.







Acrostic from Roberto C.

Reading in my bedroom

Occupied the whole bed

Big table

Electric train on the ground

Red chair

Time to play with my toys

Oh! What a beautiful room






Acrostic from Mario E.

More toys are in my bedroom

A bed that is very red

Red is my lamp

In my room, I play piano

Oh my god! I’m very happy